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How to drive user Adoption with the help of modern and intelligent Microsoft technologies

Office 365 and the Microsoft public cloud in general are challenging us with a very high release cadence "evergreen release model" and a “change by design” mentality.

Administrators and End-Users often feel lost with all the new applications and features pouring out of the dev-labs of Redmond, sometimes even a bit unforeseeably. End-User Adoption is widely forgotten, addressed insufficient or too late. But it’s key to success, especially for the adoption of modern cloud technologies.

This recording is done with my good friend, Jussi Mori (Well known user adoption expert), and is presented in a co-session on various SharePoint Saturdays (SPS Events) in Europe.

Inspire yourself and see what can be done with PowerApps, Flow, Azure Cognitive Service, Microsoft Bot Framework, Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365. A whole bunch of tools, which provide a total new way to build applications and interact with the user.

This is a community recording, ment to showcase technologies and not to be to serious ;-)

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