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Microsoft Flow / State Machine / Azure Table Storage (7/8)

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Error handling and notifications are a basic requirement piece of technology. This solution makes use of Azure Storage Tables to keep a centralized log of all relevant approval and process activities for analytics.


What is Azure Table Storage?

Azure Table storage is a service that stores structured NoSQL data in the cloud, providing a key/attribute store with a schemaless design.

Because Table storage is schemaless, it's easy to adapt your data as the needs of your application evolve. Access to Table storage data is fast and cost-effective for many types of applications, and is typically lower in cost than traditional SQL for similar volumes of data.

You can use Table storage to store flexible datasets like user data for web applications, address books, device information, or other types of metadata your service requires. You can store any number of entities in a table, and a storage account may contain any number of tables, up to the capacity limit of the storage account. Content brought to you by Microsoft.


What's the benefit of Azure Table Storage for Flow?

The nice thing is, that they like to store JSON, so we can log our message object directly to the Storage Table "approvallog". Storage Tables represent kind of a cache of your data.

So it's blazing fast on queries and manage huge amounts of data. PowerBI loves to connect to Storage Tables, so we can visualize and analyze the data easily.

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