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Real Retweet's with Microsoft Flow and the Buffer custom connector - it's free!

Currently, Microsoft Flow's Twitter Connector doesn't support direct @mentions from it's "Post a tweet" activity. Hashtags are supported, but no @mentions because of potential violations of Twitters content policy.

So, Microsoft strips out all @mentions and just the username wil be posted instead as text. So ur loosing all the positive of mentioning somone and getting back social feedback.

It looks to me, that social media management suites like buffer or hootsuite have a better deal with Twitter, as they provide real retweets and mention capabilities.

How can we overcome this limitation for the moment?

  1. Sign up for a free buffer account, it allows you to use their Microsoft Flow Connector to post updates

  2. Use the Buffer custom activity "Create an update" in Flow, authenticate with ur new Buffer account

  3. Make use of "Tweet Text" and "Name" tokens

  4. Rock the real retweets with mentions

This is a very simple Flow for retweets with mentions:

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