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We are speaking at the Microsoft AI Bootcamp in Vienna

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Here is the official invitation and schedule:

Hello and Welcome to AI Bootcamp Vienna 2018!

This free event is brought to you by parts of the broader Microsoft community around AI and Office365. We want to take a chance and talk about how the current services from Microsoft already allow us to generate value for our users. We are working on a schedule with selected speakers and topics that will get you a good overview on the topic and provide some creative ideas on how to use AI in the modern workplace.

08:30 – 0900 Checkin

09:00 – 09:15 Bootcamp Kickoff

09:15 – 10:30 AI Bootcamp Vienna Keynote

11:00 – 11:50 Cognitive Services Extravaganza! - Gosia Borzęcka

Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence. These all big words we hear coming into our businesses lately - but what does it all really mean?! Microsoft has created a set of simple and scalable tools that any developer can use and integrate into their applications super quickly!! This session will focus on the various Cognitive Service offerings and show you plenty of demos on how to use them in your apps such as ASP.NET Core, SharePoint Framework and Flow. Come and learn how to take advantage of these awesome services for your everyday work!

13:00 – 13:50 The raise of the Citizen Developer. How to build low-code intelligent Business Applications in Office 365 - Jussi Mori & Marcel Haas

The Citizen Developers are on the raise, with the toolbox what Microsoft has to offer nowadays it is fairly easy to build intelligent Business Applications which create value very quickly with rather low investment of time and money. In this session, Marcel Haas and Jussi Mori will show you how easy it is to build intelligent Business Apps with PowerApps, Flow, Cognitive Services and Teams. We present a use case, where we drive user adoption of exactly these technologies and let End-Users achieve things, they would not be able to do without using this technology. A sneak peak to a demo you may find here

1400 – 15:30 AI in the real world - Clemens Müller & Alexander Heuwieser

  • What is AI? What does applied AI look like?

  • Azure Machine Learning Platform and how we work with data

  • Real-life customer solutions (What are our customers doing with AI)

    • Master Data Anomaly Detection, Predictive Demand Forecast, Data-driven Customer Segmentation, …

  • AI Integration with Dynamics 365 & Common Data Service

    • Dynamics 365 for Marketing/Sales

15:45 - 16:30 Boost your Modern Workplace with Microsoft's AI ecosystem - Stephan Bisser & Thomas Gölles

The Modern Workplace is an extremely important topic nowadays, due to the fact that Microsoft is pushing a lot of effort and power into that topic. Whether it is Microsoft 365 with all its productivity services like Teams and SharePoint Online within Office 365 or Azure services or even Windows 10, the modern workplace is everywhere in the Microsoft ecosystem. And as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing, all these Modern Workplace services should not only bring productivity enhancements but should also be intelligent as well. Therefore, the aim of this session is to give an overview of the Microsoft AI stack. Additionally, this session will cover possible fields of applications for AI services like Bots or Cognitive Services which can be used in the productivity services within Office 365 like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint (Online), Exchange (Online), Skype for Business (Online), Microsoft Forms, and others…

Lunch and coffee are provided by pmOne and Solvion - Thank you very much!

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