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Speaking at SPS London 2019

It's gonna be a fantastic event! The location with a view on the tower, the stellar speakers and sponsors line up and the community most famous crew of organizers bringing a great crowd, making it an event you would not want to miss.

So happy that my session with the title "How intelligent is your Digital Workplace?" got selected out of more that 300 submissions, which makes me pray to the demo gods even more. ;-)

Please read more in my session abstract and find some sneek peek session previews down below.


The buzzword "AI" is widely used for the fact that we don’t know it’s real potential yet.

This session (mainly live demo) starts with overview of intelligent features available in Office 365. We develop a basic understanding of what’s there in the out-of-the-box products and services and learn about Microsoft’s understanding of AI, the vision and roadmap.

In the second part, we spice up things and walk through a real-world demo on driving user adoption in Microsoft Teams in a more intelligent way. Based on data signals, usage behavior and machine learning, we support the user via a proactive bot and provide in context help in small and digestible learning bits.

Technologies like the Microsoft Graph, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning and Flow open up a whole new way of building business applications. Let’s get some inspiration.



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